5-Day Power Out Kit

$1,399.00 Regular price

Our Five Day Power Out Kit is all you need to get you through an extended emergency power outage. This kit includes a Safari LT silent generator, GoLite LED lights, a Cub GO to keep power for the lights, for recharging two 95 watt folding, light weight solar panels, and an emergency jump start power bank. Included in the kit:

  • 2 Merlin BXD-95W: Portable, Foldable Solar Panel
  • 1 Safari LT: 450Wh/550W LiFePo4 Portable Generator, 2 AC Outlets, 4 USB, 12V
  • 1 Anderson Cable: 25’ Extension from solar panel to portable generator
  • 1 Cub Go: Portable Charge Controller, LiFePo4 battery, USB and 110VAC outlet
  • 1 Cub MS: LiFePo4 Car Jump-starter, Flashlight
  • 1 Go Light: USB-powered string of individually switched set of 3 LED Lights

Product arrives in 7-14 days