KiloVault CHLX 3600 Battery

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CHLX Series lithium batteries include all the advantages of the HLX Series with the added benefit of cold weather operation. Internal heating technology allows the battery to continue charging, even when the ambient temperature is well below zero.

When the ambient temperature is below 32ºF / 0°C, the charging current will flow to heating film to warm up the battery first, and switch to normal charging when the battery internal temperature raises up to 32ºF / 0°C.

  • Takes charge even when it’s freezing
  • Flexible – Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations
  • Gives You More – You can use the full battery’s capacity, discharging it 100%
  • Long life – Even after discharging it completely 2000 times, 80% of the capacity remains
  • Maintenance-Free – No watering required, or cleaning of hazardous chemicals
  • High Efficiency – Giving you up to 12% more usable stored energy
  • Smart Investment – Lower cost per Watt-hour/cycle and longer lifespan than lead batteries
  • Safer – No thermal runaway issues as with other lithium technologies
  • Heavy Duty – Takes up to 150A of continuous charging/discharging current, meeting the tough demands of serious inverters and chargers
  •  7.5 Year Warranty
  • Rated Capacity: 3600Wh
  • Rated Voltage: 12.8V DC
  • Nominal Amp-Hour Capacity: 300Ah
  • Weight: 84.2 lbs (38.2 kg)
  • Width: 20.5 in (520 mm)
  • Depth: 10.6 in (269 mm)
  • Height: 8.7 in (220 mm)

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